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By: ❄︎ぽん酢❄︎

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[…] and her hand encloses his fist like a dome containing a flame.
 Like that, it is over. She cradles his chaos between their intertwined fingers and for a moment, the two are nested in a standstill second, breaths suspended, homeostasis.    
 Drip. Drip. 
 Blood on his battered hands seep through his bandages, drip to the ground.
 Drip. Drip. 
 He lays his forehead on her shoulder. The tangle of his hair obscures his eyes. The fragile silence is broken with a breath. Inhales. Exhales.

 [ Art commissioned from ]
I still remember completely losing all awareness of my surroundings for an hour or two, the first time I stumbled across ‘Tension in Three Parts’, 10 months ago. Pieces of fiction of that particular level of engrossment are pretty rare, which would explain why to this day, this one’s my 2nd fave RM story and I almost don’t want it to end. This is just a small way of acknowledging your effort and your brilliance. Thank you so much!:)Nogoshi26: OH BY THE GODDESS THANK YOU SO MUCH megillien and to the artist who drew this! I actually don’t get a lot of submissions and don’t know how they work so when I saw this I just freaked out and pressed post, haha. Do check out more of nymre’s work! Megillien, your DNA is simply made of awesome. Despite having written so many words for Tension in Three Parts, I’m speechless at the moment and have no words to express my gratitude. I’m just not going to sleep for awhile because I’m too ecstatic and busy staring at this beautiful art. 


Patrick: Good afternoon, Would you like to buy RivaMika doujinshis?

[Rolling Girl] as RivaMika.
I watched PV for this long time ago, but when I recently saw this again RivaMika(Eren) story just kind of came into my mind..
Basically Mikasa’s tattoo on her wrist contains the power to move the time backward and Mikasa uses it to save Eren again and again until she is all wounded but fails to save Eren from death.
Levi was the only one who knew (or realized) that Mikasa was turning the time back over and over again, and at last he couldn’t stand seeing Mikasa breaking herself he stops her.

Good morning, sweet heart ♥

Headcanon: in which Levi turns into a completely different person when he’s in love, sweet and sappy :D